Teddy Bear Clinics-St. Clair County MRC

What are Teddy bear Clinics (TBC)?  The children walk into the gymnasium and put on a lab coat.  Theya re given a teddy bear and an medical intake form.  The high schoolers help the kids fill out the intake form, they name their teddy bear and give the bears a height and weight.  From there they go learn about dental hygiene, nutrition and proper hand washing.  They give their teddy bears shots, Band-Aids and ice packs while we talk about vaccines.    

Our MRC unit 1779 hosts a Teddy Bear Clinic in our 118 school district to schools that reach out with interest.  The TBCs are pretty new as the planning started 2021 and the response has been incredible.  We offer this event to Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarteners.  We have also been a part of Family Engagement Night with 118 school district.  The Girls Scouts of Southern Illinois have also reached out with some interest. 

This event is organized and planned by the MRC unit 1779 but a local High school helps out with production.  The high schoolers from Belleville West run the entire event from set up to tear down.  The interaction of the two age groups is beautiful. 

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